Mid layer

The layering system is very important for staying warm and dry during fishing activities. The mid-layer needs to be breathable to transmit moisture but it needs to be able to be fast drying to deal with any liquid moisture that might build up. We’ve got a range of mid layers from hoodies to trousers.

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Onka V2 Jacket

EUR 340,00
Designed to provide superior warmth and comfort in extreme fly fishing or mountain conditions, the Onka V2 is our most advanced insulated ja...
Soft Black
Spruce Green

Bartek Jacket

EUR 225,00
Encompassing the best warmth-to-weight ratio of any jacket we've ever made; the windproof, water resistant and fully packable Bartek is the ...
Soft Black
Spruce Green

Womens Onka Pants

EUR 175,00
Plain and simple: when it’s cold, the Onka pants extend your time outdoors. Filled with 80 Silver Primaloft® insulation, these change the ga...

Rosto V2 Hoodie

EUR 140,00
Warm and breathable, the Rosto V2 Hoodie provides ideal insulation for a wide range of pursuits.
Soft Black

Women’s Onka Jacket

EUR 280,00 EUR 140,00
Warm, windproof and water resistant, the Women’s Onka jacket is the warmest layer in the LOOP Outdoor range, with a contoured design and sha...
Dark Grey
Water Blue

Rosto V2 Quarter Zip

EUR 115,00
A well insulated light to mid-layer, the unisex Rosto V2 quarter zip is perfect for everyday activities.
Sale! Women's fishing jacket in blue

Women’s Leipik Jacket

EUR 195,00 EUR 97,50
Delivering our premium quality insulation, the Leipik is our most versatile insulated women's jacket with a remarkable warmth-to-weight rati...
Water Blue

Leipik V2 Jacket

EUR 195,00 EUR 97,50
The next generation of our popular Leipik jacket, the V2 has the best warmth to weigh ratio of any jacket we’ve made.
Dark Grey
Moss Green

Nunas Hoodie

EUR 150,00 EUR 75,00
The lightweight Nunas Insulation Fly Fishing Hoodie is a great outer or mid-layer which is effective in both warm & cooler weather.
Black/Dark Grey

Rosto Hoodie

EUR 115,00 EUR 57,50
A well insulated light to mid-layer, the unisex Rosto full zip is the perfect everyday hoodie.
Dark Slate

Rosto Quarter Zip

EUR 85,00 EUR 42,50
The Rosto Quarter zip is an ideal fly fishing mid layer; warm enough to keep off the approaching evening chill and breathable enough for hig...