ZT Double Hand Travel Rod

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In early 2020 the world of travel came to a standstill. But rather than wait out the disruption, we got to work creating the ultimate travel rod.Read more

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  • Line Recommendation

    Line Recommendation

    6122-6MF 24 370 380-420
    7130-6MF 27 417 475-525
    8132-6MF 31 478 530-580
    9140-6F 36 556 575-625
    10150-6F 40 617 610-660

Model chart

6122-6MF 12’2″ 6 MF 178 6 72
7130-6MF 13’0″ 7 MF 196 6 76
8132-6MF 13’2″ 8 MF 202 6 76
9140-6MF 14’0″ 9 MF 226 6 82
10150-6F 15’0″ 10 F 266 6 88

Product description

In early 2020 the world of travel came to a standstill. But rather than wait out the disruption, we got to work – with the aim of creating the ultimate fly fishing travel rod.

After nearly two years of research, development and rigorous testing, the world started to open up again, and we we launched the LOOP ZT.

As a travelling angler you can never be fully sure what conditions you might face at your destination, but the majority of travel rods are usually a compromise between two parameters – fast sinking lines vs. floating lines with fine presentation. Or, they have been designed to heavily favour one or the other.

With this in mind, we felt an obligation to produce a series of multi-piece rods that perfectly combines strength and lightness, whilst also maintaining the progressive casting taper that has become synonymous with LOOP. Thanks to the unique incorporation of graphene particles into the nano resin, we firmly believe that we have achieved this perfect balance.

Made using 40-45 ton nano graphene carbon fibre of the highest specification available – ensuring the smoothest, most powerful action of any travel rod we’ve ever come across – the ZT series also features a AAA+ grade cork handle, specially designed lightweight reel seat, ceramic lined titanium stripping guides and titanium plated stainless steel snake guides.

Available in 5 unique models and a 6 piece format designed for easy and safe transportation no matter what the destination – the ZT series is simply the best fly fishing travel companion you’ll ever have.

Model Specs:

6122 – The 6122 is a smooth but still powerful rod that is perfect when stealth, delicacy and presentation is required. Bombers and hitch flies on this rod are amazing but of course it handles the smaller tubes or hook flies equally well. An absolute gem when fishing salmon, sea trout or migrating browns.

7130 – “Steelhead 101” but perfect for medium sized salmon rivers as well. A rod with a smooth, deep, powerful action that is perfect for the Skagit style angler. Although, a Scandi line is an absolute joy to pair this rod with.

8132 – If you are fishing medium to larger rivers the 8132 will cover most situations. The rod works equally well with Scandi style casting as with Skagit style, floating or sinking lines. If you are in need of distance there is certainly enough power in the rod to provide that.

9140 – The all year around rod for most salmon rivers. Just like the 8132, this rod covers most situations you might encounter. The 9140 has even more power to lift and cast sinking lines the way you like it. Still, the rod has very good accuracy and enough finesse to make fishing with floating line and small flies a real pleasure.

10150 – The big gun in the ZT series. Look no further if you are fishing bigger rivers and are in need of a rod that can lift those heavy sinking lines and send them straight over the river again. It is not only a sinking line rod though. If you want to fish floating lines, the rod performs exceptionally with both shooting heads and long belly lines.

Article number LZT

11´0" #7, 5-piece Switch, 12'2" #6, 6-piece, 13" #7, 6-piece, 13´2" #8, 6-piece, 14" #9, 6-piece, 15" #10, 6-piece

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