Fly Fishing in Canada: The Ultimate Guide

Fly fishing holidays in Canada

Oh, Canada. Famous for its beautiful scenery, snow-capped mountains and friendly people, it’s also a fantastic place for fly fishing. Canada fishing trips are one of the best ways to connect with the country’s nature, wildlife and scenery, whether you opt for a remote mountain stream or a vast, still lake.

If you want to experience the wilderness and beauty of this huge country, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about fly fishing holidays in Canada. We look at the best spots for fly fishing in the country (including what airport you should fly to), and the best time of year to travel.

We’ll also highlight some of the fish you’re likely to catch in Canada, what clothing and equipment you’ll need to take for your trip, and showcase the lodges by LOOP Travel where you can experience the very best of Canada’s natural wilderness.

What time of year to go fly-fishing in Canada

The ideal time to go fly-fishing in Canada is between June and September. You can expect to see the highest quality of fish at the end of June and throughout July.

During this time, you’ll get the best of both worlds as the waters will still be cold and active, the fish will still be shallow, and the weather is most likely to warm up.

The average maximum temperature in Newfoundland during July is 21°C, although it can reach 26-28°C on the warmest days. You’ll get to experience Canada in its full green glory during the summer months, while if you visit in September, you’ll get a glimpse of its beautiful autumn colours, and slightly cooler temperatures.

Two men fly fishing in Pinware River, Canada

What Species of fish to expect in Canada

There are over a thousand different species of fish in Canadian waters, but it is well known in the fly-fishing world as the place to go to catch epic Atlantic Salmon, the unique Steelhead Trout and Arctic Char.

Atlantic Salmon can be found – as the name suggests – in the Atlantic Ocean, on the east coast of the country. That means the province of Newfoundland and Labrador offers the best fly fishing in Canada if you’re looking to land one of these sought-after fish.

Atlantic Salmon are born in freshwater, then move to the sea to live for one to three years before returning to freshwater to reproduce. They use their olfactory memory to return to spawn in the watershed where they were born.

They usually weigh less than 4.5 kilograms (9.9 lbs), but can grow to be much larger, with some weighing up to 9 kg (20 lbs). One of the most popular ways to catch Atlantic Salmon is with swinging flies, but our experienced guides will show you a variety of techniques to suit the location and water.

But it’s not all about Salmon fishing in Canada. The country also has an abundance of Arctic char, which is mostly found in the Canadian Arctic Ocean, including in the Yukon territory and the islands of the Arctic Archipelago. For good Arctic Char fishing in Canada, northern Labrador and Québec, as well as southern Newfoundland are also safe bets.

Angler holding his catch at St Lewis River, Canada

Streamer flies and swinger flies are two of the most common methods when it comes to fishing for Arctic Char.

Steelhead Trout are similar to the more common Rainbow Trout, with one key difference. Steelhead Trout, like Atlantic Salmon, are born in freshwater, then migrate to the ocean before returning to freshwater to spawn. Rainbow Trout, on the other hand, don’t leave freshwater and live there for the duration of their life.

The province of British Columbia is one of the best places in the country to catch Steelhead Trout, but they can also be caught in Newfoundland and Labrador.

These elusive fish may test your patience as an angler, but it’s well worth persevering if you’re looking to experience some of the best trout fishing in Canada! Bobber and jig, drift fishing and spinners are three common ways of catching them, although it may take a little time to land a catch successfully.

For tips on improving your fly tying techniques ahead of your fly fishing holiday in Canada, check out LOOP Akademi’s Fly Tying Guides.

Canada Fly Fishing Holidays

When you choose to go on a Canada fly fishing holiday with LOOP Travel, you have a choice of three amazing lodges in three incredible locations.

Pinware River, Southern Labrador

The Pinware River, located in the scenic region of southern Labrador, is famous for its prolific runs of Atlantic Salmon, and the upper part of the river is notorious for dry fly fishing, offering multi sea winter fish.

At the lodge, which sleeps up to twelve guests, you’ll be nestled in the heart of the forest, where you can enjoy the visiting wildlife while being just minutes from the river. The lodge has everything you need for a comfortable stay, and even has its own lobster pots!

During your stay, the guides will take you to the best spots, so you can maximise your chances of landing a good catch.

To learn more about the breathtaking Pinware River Lodge, take a look at the overview and enquire today.

fly fishing anglers holding their catch at Pinware River, Canada

St. Lewis River Lodge, Labrador

This river is one of the most productive pools for Atlantic Salmon dry fly angling, making it the perfect spot if you’re hoping to land a big catch.

The beautiful lodge has six private suites, meaning it is ideal for families, and there’s plenty to see and do in the surrounding areas for those who don’t want to join you in angling.

The lodge even has a walk-in bar area and wine cellar, so you can make the most of the evenings in this stunning setting.

To learn more about the amazing St. Lewis River Lodge, take a look at the overview and enquire today.

Hunt River Lodge, Northern Labrador

The Hunt River Lodge showcases the extraordinary beauty of the remote northern Labrador wilderness. When you stay here, you can expect plentiful runs of aggressive Atlantic Salmon. Guests landing a Salmon greater than 20lbs at any unnamed pool location even get naming rights!

There are eight beautiful bedrooms within the lodge, and the outbuilding is impressive, catering to every need of anglers including a spacious wader changing and drying area, fly tying station, dry sauna, gym, and a fully stocked LOOP Pro shop.

To learn more about the fantastic Hunt River Lodge, take a look at the overview and enquire today.

Two anglers fly fishing in Hunt River, Canada

The best fly fishing gear to take to Canada

When travelling to Canada for a fly-fishing holiday, many anglers will use single-handed rods for all occasions. Typically, we would use 9’ – 10′ rated #6 or #7 for Salmon fishing. Take a look at the full collection of rods available here.

Then, pair this with our specially designed SST Dry Fly Line, with an elongated rear taper for picking up maximum line and a compact front taper for turning over bombers into a wind.

When the wind drops, there are also biting insects, as you would expect in the wilderness of Labrador and Newfoundland. Take a look at our Mygg jackets and neck gaiters, to keep the nasties at bay.

Where to fly to in Canada for your fly fishing trip

Wild, versatile and wondrous, Canada is renowned for being home to some of the best fly-fishing rivers and lodges in the world. When planning your trip of a lifetime, you’ll need to look at travelling to the island of Newfoundland for the best fly-fishing destinations.

If you book one LOOP Travel’s Canada fly fishing trips, you’ll be accompanied directly to your booked lodge.

What to expect from LOOP Travel

LOOP Travel has extensive teams worldwide, all working to give you the best possible advice when travelling the world in search of top-class fly-fishing. Our advice is totally free to you and booking with us comes at no extra cost.

Our years of experience between the teams and plethora of knowledge is second to none. Our team members know these destinations backwards, having spent many years guiding, managing or fishing these lodges.

We only sell what we know, meaning we only offer the best possible advice and products.

Canada is a beautiful country, with vast lakes, high mountains and fast-flowing rivers. It’s also the perfect place to try your hand at fishing for Atlantic Salmon, as well as other species like Steelhead Trout and Arctic Char, surrounded by the wilderness.

LOOP Travel offers three fantastic lodges in Canada, with experienced guides who’ll take you to the very best spots, and show you the right techniques for each fish.

But if you’re not tempted by Canada, we also have a huge choice of other fly fishing holiday destinations, from Australia to the Seychelles. Take a look at the options and get in touch today to find out more.